Dream Tröll

The Witch's Curse

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2nd February 2018
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, , ,

Heavy Metal? Power Metal? Or maybe rather fantasy Metal? Dream Troll’s EP “The Witch’s Curse” is hard to categorise, but the aforementioned catchphrases should be more than enough to conjure up memories of sword & sorcery themed lyrics accompanied by good old Heavy Metal. And yes, these mental images are more than correct. “The Witch’s Curse” definitely caters to those Metalheads who like their music with a shot of fantasy. Just don’t expect anything overly heavy, because the album is a bit more on the softer side of Heavy Metal, clean vocals included. This is not to say that there are no guitar riffs and solos – there are – , but the album is still on the more melodic and midtempo end of the genre. However, this is also what gives this album a certain flow. You start with the first song “In The Name of Isabella”, then you join “The Battle For Enki’s Tower” and then you find yourself on a battlefield under a “Blood Moon” and before you really know what happened you realise that the story is already over. In this the album reminds me of a good book. You want to get to the end of it, but at the same time you do not want it to end. If you like midtempo melodic Heavy Metal/Power Metal then this album is definitely for you! 8 devils!


1. In The Name of Isabella
2. The Battle For Enki’s Tower
3. Blood Moon

Playing Time: 22:34

Paul Walsh - Vocals
Matt Baldwinson - Guitar
Paul Carter - Guitar
Simon Blakelock - Drums
Paul Thornton - Bass

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