Dream Theater

Distance Over Time

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22nd February 2019
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Inside Out Music
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Many of you will already know of the exploits of the fellows in Dream Theater.  Formed in the northeast (Berkeley College of Music) in 1985 as Majesty , they’ve come a considerable length since then.  I recall seeing them early in their career in a small venue in Omaha, Nebraska on their Images and Words tour. Speaking of touring, the boys are ready to head out in March. I, for one, am hoping that they will come back to the Midwest.  Everyone in the band is on top form on this one.  James’ vocals are, as ever, spot on, and the engine room (the double M one-two punch, Myung and Mangini) kicks some serious ass. Mangini is a powerhouse!

Investigating the release of the singles from the LP bears resemblance to a calculated assault attack; Untethered Angel first appeared on December 7th. Fall Into the Light was released to the world on January 11th. Paralyzed came out on February 8th. The official release of the LP is Friday. I’d say the world is ready.  All three tracks being released as singles, while appearing slightly askew in today’s FM world, may yet work just as the band/management have planned.  Give them a little bit, and they will be wanting more!

Let’s check out the other tracks, then, shall we?  Barstool Warrior is a total jam, featuring an excellent guitar solo at about the half-way mark (seems like every track does this). There is also some gorgeous piano work on this track. Room 137 features metal riffage and a slow burning bluesy shred from JP.  S2N is a bass showcase, as well as featuring a trade-off jam (or duel, if you will) between Jordan and JP.  At Wit’s End is the longest number, at almost nine-and-a-half minutes, you could even say it qualifies as a prog EPIC. I know, we all hate that word by now, but we also know that it describes the situation almost perfectly!  Out of Reach is a short-but-sweet love ballad with piano and violin.   Pale Blue Dot is another long (eight-and-a-half minutes) jam, and starts out sort of atmospheric but soon develops into a full on heavy jam.  Viper King, listed as the extra track, is another heavy jam with some funky keys and and an excellent guitar solo.

Bottom line is this: if you are a prog rock fan, then you will most likely dig Dream Theater’s latest. Go out and score this one before they are all gone!


1. Untethered Angel
2. Paralyzed
3. Fall Into the Light
4. Barstool Warrior
5. Room 137
6. S2N
7. At Wit's End
8. Out of Reach
9. Pale Blue Dot
10. Viper King

Playing Time: 60 minutes and 51 seconds

John Petrucci - guitars
John Myung - bass
James LaBrie - vocals
Jordan Rudess - keyboards
Mike Mangini - percussion

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