Reaching Into Infinity

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19th May 2017
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The seventh force of the dragon is called Reaching Into Infinity. The band needs no further introduction. Everyone who is a little metal minded knows what to expect. There are two opinions about Dragonforce’s music; the ones who love it and the ones who think it is a bit too much, too fast, and too overdone. I must admit that I also do not like all the songs on earlier albums. Sometimes the extraordinary speed and skills of the musicians goes at the expense of the songs. To listen to a Dragonforce album from start to finish sometimes is a little bit too much.

The new album has again a lot of fast pieces, as we are used from Dragonforce. But the band, or should I say Frédéric Leclercq (who wrote the bigger part of the songs), did create songs with more variety in tempo. Next to the fast guitar riffs and solos, the keyboard also has an important role on this album. Opener ‘Ashes Of the Dawn’ is in the typical style we know, fast and furious ADHD power metal. Next up is ‘Judgement Day’ starting as fast, but with a slower mid part. The same can be said about the next song, which for the most part is a very fast song, but slows down around midway. The ballad is back with ‘Silence,’ an emotional song with excellent vocals and guitar solo.

The speed returns and some electronic elements are used in ‘Midnight Madness.’ Then one of my favorite songs, the brutal ‘WAR!,’ starts with a mix of thrash, speed, and power. Marc Hudson sounds very aggressive with his singing style. If you think that is the highlight on the album you are wrong. The prize for that is won by ‘The Edge Of the World.’ It is a long, epic, progressive track with influences from Iron Maiden and a guitar solo that could have been on a Pink Floyd album. There is even a death metal part that includes Benediction style grunts. With songs like this on the album, Dragonforce has added something new and made this the first album I could listen to from start to finish. I even pushed the repeat button!

Due to more variety, less over the top “let’s show the world how fast we are” parts, and more balanced songwriting, Reaching Into Infinity is for me the best Dragonforce album to date.


01. Reaching Into Infinity
02. Ashes of the Dawn
03. Judgement Day
04. Astral Empire
05. Curse Of Darkness
06. Silence
07. Midnight Madness
08. WAR!
09. Land Of Shattered Dreams
10. The Edge Of the World
11. Our Final Stand

Playing Time: 60:00

Marc Hudson - vocals
Herman Li - guitar
Sam Totman - guitar
Frederic Leclercq - bass
Vadim Pruzhanov - keyboard
Gee Anzalone - drums

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