Dr. Living Dead

Cosmic Conqueror

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27th October 2017
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Century Media Records
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Dr. Living Dead from Stockholm has a kind of strange image with skull masks and bandanas. I don’t think that we should take that too ceriously, but fortunately it is not all gimmick, the music is good and that counts.

The fourth album Cosmic Conqueror has a very old school eighties thrash/crossover sound. To get an idea, you should imagine a mix of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies. But also Bay Area thrash riffs reminding me of Flotsam and Jetsam (‘The Summoning’) can be heard. The vocals of Dr. Mania (sorry, all pseudo names) are a mix of an aggressive and a cleaner typical whining style. He just sounds like Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) then. Another band I sometimes have to think of is Nuclear Assault, especially when they play on high speed. ‘Cosmic Conqueror’ is the perfect example of that. That being said, you can also add S.O.D. to the list, the Anthrax style of riffing and the crossover influences see to that. Closing track ‘Cyber Crime’ is such a slow song, you could almost call it doom, but it is perfect to end a gig with, so the fans can cool down after moshing around all the time.

There are not a lot anymore playing this kind of style, so I think that fans of all the bands I mentioned above will be pleased with this release. If you forget the image and don’t mind the horror theme lyrics, you need to check them out!


01. Coffin Crusher (3:56)
02. Can’t Kill The Dead (3:04)
03. The Summoning (3:50)
04. Terror Vision (4:07)
05. Cosmic Conqueror (2:37)
06. Disease To Exist (5:16)
07. Into The Eye (2:52)
08. Survival Denied (3:18)
09. Moment Of Clarity (4:19)
10. Infiltrator/Exterminator (4:49)
11. Cyber Crime (3:21)

Playing Time: 41:00

Dr. Toxic - guitars, backing vocals
Dr. Rad - bass, backing vocals
Dr. Mania - vocals
Dr. Slam - drums

Reinier de Vries
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