Forever Warriors

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Release Date:
17th August 2018
Record Label:
Nuclear Blast
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Disclaimer: this is a review of half of a double-album as provided by the label. Or maybe this is the entire thing while the double-album format (featuring 19, not 10, tracks….over 2, not 1, CDs) is a special edition release. Truth is that at time of writing I didn’t have clear information to go on. Having got that off my chest, these are my thoughts on the new Doro album (or half album!)…

If you’ve heard anything from Doro’s solo repertoire before, love it or hate it you already know what to expect from this “Forever Warriors”. For me the main appeal of her material is a high level of songwriting skills. No matter how cheesy the lyrics and how far back in the mix the guitars are, its a blast listening to anthemic songs such as ‘All For Metal’ or ‘Blood, Sweat and Rock ‘N’ Roll’.

Despite the aforementioned, there’s been an effort to instil particular traits into these songs. For example ‘If I Can’t Have You – No One Will’ has some Death Metal growls (courtesy of Amon Amarth’s Johan Hegg), ‘Backstage to Heaven’ has a very interesting use of saxophone, ‘Soldier Of Metal’ – the obligatory power ballad – makes use of orchestrations and ‘All For Metal’ has several guests joining in to sing the song’s chorus (these guests include Mille Petrozza, Chuck Billy and Warrel Dane).

The only song that just doesn’t work for me is a cover of Whitesnake’s ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’. Apart from that, “Forever Warrior” has enough hooks to make it an enjoyable release with a universal appeal.


1. All for Metal
2. Bastardos
3. If I Can’t Have You – No One Will (feat. Johan Hegg)
4. Soldier of Metal
5. Turn It Up
6. Blood, Sweat and Rock ‘N’ Roll
7. Don’t Break My Heart Again
8. Love’s Gone to Hell
9. Freunde Fürs Leben
10. Backstage to Heaven (feat. Helge Schneider)

Playing Time: 41:27

Doro Pesch - vocals
Luca Princiotta - guitars, keyboards
Bas Maas - guitars
Nick Douglas - bass
Johnny Dee – drums
Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio, Bad Moon Rising) - guitar
Tommy Bolan (Warlock) – guitar
Ross The Boss (Ross The Boss, Manowar) – guitar (?)
Mille Petrozza (Kreator) - vocals
Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) - vocals
Chuck Billy (Testament) – vocals
Warrel Dane [R.I.P.] (Nevermore) - vocals
Jeff Waters (Annihilator) – vocals
Rock’n’Rolf (Running Wild) - vocals

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