Return to the East Live (2016)

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20th April 2018
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Frontiers Records
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Who would ever had imagined that the original Dokken line-up would ever share a stage again? The differences seemed to run way too deep for them to ever perform together again. But if they were to get together and perform once more it couldn’t be any where else but in Japan, where they celebrated their biggest success.

And low and behold, the stars have aligned or the money got big enough for them to get together again, as a fan I really don’t care why they decided to hit the stage one more time, I am just extremely glad they did.

And to see and hear them perform some of the finest songs they have written over the years live on stage for one (last) time is a sheer pleasure. This is a journey back in time, to a time when the four musicians were amongst the frontrunners in American metal, the songs remain strong and current. But time has taken its toll on the four guys, they are not a agile any longer and Don Dokken doesn’t have the same power as he used to have, most due to him undergoing vocal chord surgery in 2010.

But for fans like me, watching the DVD and/or listening to the CD is a welcomed journey back in time, and absolutely worth recommending for hard rock fans around the globe!

(PS – the new song: not much to talk about, just a nice effort).


01. It's Another Day (4:17)
02. Kiss of Death (5:22)
03. The Hunter (4:02)
04. Unchain the Night (5:49)
05. When Heaven Comes Down (4:16)
06. Breakin' the Chains (4:53)
07. Into the Fire (5:51)
08. Dream Warriors (4:26)
09. Tooth and Nail (3:46)
10. Alone Again (Intro) (2:29)
11. Alone Again (3:34)
12. It's Not Love (7:31)
13. In My Dreams (5:18)
14. Heaven Sent (4:39)
15. Will the Sun Rise (4:48)

Playing Time: 71:01

Don Dokken - Vocals
George Lynch - Guitars
Jeff Pilson - Bass
Mick Brown - Drums

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