Distorted Harmony

A Way Out

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19th July 2018
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Many may know Distorted Harmony from their previous LP’s, Chain Reaction (2014) and Utopia (2012). The Tel Aviv band was formed in 2010.  Those who are in the know can tell you that this band is steeped in the modern progressive metal of its age.  I was reminded of *Frost, Pain of Salvation and Devin Townsend, among others.  I found little reason to complain while listening to this aggregation, in particular the fact that I only heard growling one time.  As some readers may know, I prefer straight, clean vocals to the growlies.  There is plenty of that on board here.

A Way Out contains 11 tracks.  No duds, four longer numbers, and seven all-too-brief tunes.  The reason I say that is because I kept wanting to hear more.  I found myself banging my head and tapping my toes to most of what was on offer herein.  Of course, the shorter the tune, within reason, the better chance of it getting any significant airplay.  Perhaps that is what DH were shooting for here.

Downfall features a mellow intro, as do several of the tracks.  As you will hear, the chops and the heavy riffs kick in almost immediately.  Room 11 is what I like to call a grinder.  There are some introspective vocal moments, but mostly what we hear is heavy slamming of instruments. Dig it.  Awaken is probably the longest track, at almost 7 minutes all told.  It has one of those creepy cool intros I’m always on about.  It also has a midsection jam that is a prog lover’s wet dream!  Severed includes heavy metal riffage that gives way to a wash of keys, then vocals and a mellow beat, then a mix of the two! Puppet On Strings has a finger picked intro and some piano midway through – gorgeous keys.

For Esther is a instrumental featuring classical piano chops and strings!  Anima is another grinder, with good clean vocals and some serious drumming.  A big shredding guitar solo at about the half-way mark.  A Way Out of Here is a short (thank goodness), plaintive piano ballad.  A bit haunting, but also a bit of a snooze.  Time and Time Again has the chops and the keys and the riffs, but is kind of ballad-y again…We Are Free pounds relentlessly on your brain with plenty of riffs, and the closer, Someday, is another piano lead, majestic ballad with some semi-heavy riffs.  A cautionary tale, perhaps? Only the listener will know.


1. Downfall
2. Room 11
3. Awaken
4. Severed
5. Puppet On Strings
6. For Esther
7. Anima
8. A Way Out of Here
9. Time and Time Again
10. We Are Free
11. Someday

Playing Time: 46 minutes and 41 seconds

Misha Soukhinin - Vocals
Yoel Genin - Guitars
Amit Plaschkes - Guitars
Yoav Efron - Keyboards
Iggy Cohen - Bass
Yogev Gabay - Drums

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