Diabolos Dust

The Reaper Returns

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Release Date:
24th August 2018
Record Label:
Massacre Records
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Seven years after debut album Ruins of Mankind and Inferno in 2013 it is time for Diabolos Dust third. With some new members also the quility of the music and songwriting has increased. New singer Peter Lohwasser sounds rather average with his thrash sounding voice varied by some death growls. He is not a bad vocalist, but I don’t think he has a sound that really makes the band different from the lot.

After a short Slayer-like sounding intro, ‘Roll Your Dice’ starts in a typical German teutonic sounding thrash style. Next is ‘Sanity’, a melodic track with some melodic death metal guitar parts and  grunts, but just not special enough to make me really enthusiastic. ‘Fall Of The Gods’ opens fast and interesting, but is too simple to keep me focused the whole track. Fortunately ‘Blood and Fire’ is more interesting, a teutonic German thrash hammer, with gang shouting, enough variety and some fine galloping riffs. For me the best song on the album.  ‘Dust’ sounds a bit old school thrash, but with lots of modern thrash influences as well. Both other tracks are more of the same and the attempt to mix in a black metal part in the closing song isn’t convincing.

Final conclusion is that The Reaper Returns is an average German sounding thrash album with some good ideas. The sober sounding vocals and the rather moderate song writing see to it that I find it a so-so album.



01. The Reaper Returns
02. Roll Your Dice
03. Sanity
04. Fall Of The Gods
05. Blood And Fire
06. Dust
07. Warmachine
08. Hold On The Flame

Playing Time: 36:40

Peter Lohwasser - Vocals
Steve Peyerl - Guitar/Vocals
Anton Lini - Guitar/Vocals
Manfred Seitz - Bass
Stefan Fesser - Drums

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