Dawn Of Demise

Into the Depths of Veracity

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19th April 2019
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Unique Leader Records
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There is one Danish metal band that I’ve followed more closely than others. Part of the reason is that they are THE local metal band where I live. The second reason is that I can firmly say that they are damned good. Their name is DAWN OF DEMISE.

Since 2007, the death metal five-piece around the Jensen brothers, vocalist Scott and bassist/backing vocalist Bjørn, have released a string of consistently strong albums. I’ve always been totally happy with their material throughout the years, but I must say that this latest release is one step up.

First it has to be said that Dawn Of Demise sound like themselves on Into the Depths of Veracity. Even if they lean heavily on the New Yorker death metal scene and have sworn their allegiance to Suffocation from day one, their sound is recognisable a mile away and has been from the beginning. Stylistically, there are no surprises to be found on the new album.

The gutteral roar from Scott Jensen is just as uncanny as it has always been, and the interaction between his bear grunts and his brother’s backing vocals works like a charm and offers the listener great variation.

Back to the step up. It has a lot to do with two factors:

1. Drummer Bastian Thusgaard has gone from great to amazing. Simple as that. His expanded sphere of experience has done wonders for the young man and his surroundings. Soilwork is now on the CV, and his talent has also raised the bar for them. This is certainly also the case for Dawn Of Demise where the underlying structure of the songs has become even sharper.

2. The production quality has gone up one notch since The Suffering (2016). The sound is clearer, sharper, but still with the warmth and fullness that is charateristic for great death metal.

Otherwise, this is simply Dawn Of Demise, but beefed up to stage perfect. Can’t help loving it. Don’t miss this one, death metal boys and girls.

Here’s the title track from Into the Depths of Veracity. The kind of mid-tempo crusher I’m completely in love with. Enjoy!


1. Into The Depths of Veracity
2. In Silence He’ll Arise
3. Perversion in the Flesh
4. The Hate Will Consume
5. The Permanent Cessation
6. Collapse
7. Disgusting
8. The Exaltation
9. The Ravishment of Carrion
10. Enraged
11. A Belated Abortion
12. Mark My Words

Playing Time: 38 minutes

Bjørn Jensen – Bass/backing vocals
Astor Palsson – Guitar
Bastian Thusgaard – Drums
Martin Sørensen - Guitar
Scott Jensen - Vocals

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