Damnations Day

A World Awakens

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24th March 2017
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Sensory Records
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After my Harlott review, I again have a band from Down Under. These Aussies released their second album, and it is one that strokes my ears. With Mark Kennedy, Damnations Day have an excellent singer in the line-up.  He has  a lot of power and sings as clear and pure as a nightingale. The music is progressive and has influences of Fates Warning, Dream Theater, and Queensryche. What impresses me most are the heavy guitar riffs, reminding me of power metal, and sometimes even with a thrashy edge. This does make their music heavier than for example Fates Warning and Queensryche in most of the songs. Before the recording of this album Luke Vinken (bass) left the band. Dean Wells (Teremaze), who is also responsible for the recording and mixing, took care of the bass parts.

The album starts with impressive drums, a roaring bass, and heavy guitar riffing, immediately followed by a softer part in which Mark steals the show. Variety is the key word, as the band easily and naturally varies from slow to fast and from heavy into soft. On top of that, the guitar solos are amazing. Just listen to the solo in ‘To Begin Again.’ ‘I Pray’ starts like Dream Theater, with Mark his voice sounding a bit darker and less in the high regions. After that, there is a resting point with the acoustic song ‘Into Black.’ With the next song the music is getting a bit heavier already. ‘The Idol Counterfeit’ is one of the most powerful tracks with its high tempos and strong riffing leans it towards power metal. The most impressive song is perhaps the title track. I can understand why they named the album after this one. The album A World Awakens ends with ‘Diagnose,’ an epic semi-ballad that starts soft, then getting heavier in the mid part, and ending the way it started.

A World Awakens is for fans of progressive metal with it’s beautiful singing parts accompanied by crunchy, heavy guitar riffs. It’s a must listen and perhaps a must own!


01. The Witness
02. Dissecting the Soul
03. Colours Of Darkness
04. I Pray
05. Into Black
06. To Begin Again
07. The Idol Counterfeit
08. A World Awakens
09. Diagnose

Playing Time: 45:03

Jon King - Guitars (lead)
Dean Kennedy - Drums
Mark Kennedy - Vocals, Guitars

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