Damnation Plan

Reality Illusion

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10th March 2017
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Inverse Records
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While we are waiting for Jari & Co. to complete the building of their new Wintersun headquarters in the cold white north of Finland, why not spent your time in the company of their fellow countrymen Damnation Plan. The six-piece melodeath squad are not newcomers to the metal meat market and released their first full length album, entitled The Wakening, four years ago. To my surprise, it somehow managed to slip pass my radar, but that will not happen with their latest, and maybe greatest accomplishment, Reality Illusion.

It’s still the same faces running the show, and it should stay like that if you ask me. With the recent announcement about vocalist Asim joining forces with Wintersun as their second guitarist. only time will tell. Enough about Wintersun, time for some Damnation Plan.

The combo attack from the front-line of Damnation Plan is controlled by Asim Searah, with his clean melodic vocal lines, and his counterpart the growling Tommy Tuovinen. A winning team for sure with their distinct voices complementing each other perfectly. Just listen to the bomber track ‘Rise of the Messenger.’ The harsh vocal performance of Tommy is monstrous and permeates the verse. Asim cuts across the airwaves perfectly with his distinctive and very unique singing style in the melodic chorus. It’s pure gold in my ears.

Of course, Damnation Plan is not metal without battering riffs, epic solos, and guitar driven melodies. These are all delivered by the talented lead guitarist Antti Lauri and his fellow axeman Kalle Niininen. Just take a listen to the intensity of the track ‘Iron Curtain Falls’ or ‘A Chapter in Greed.’ With its heavy lead guitar guiding us through the song, accompanied by beautiful executed guitar solos, it’s a perfect intro to the next and longest song, ‘The Final Destination.’ Also, we should not forget the worthy members of the crushing and thunderous rhythm section: Jukka Vehkamaa on bass and the excellent drumming of Jarkko Lunnas.

Damnation Plan are definitely not just another brick in the wall. They stand out with their own signature sound in the world of melodic death metal lead by their countrymen Wintersun, Insomnium, Amorphis, and Omnium Gatherum.

Gothenburg was the heart of melodic death metal, but with Damnation Plan and the aforementioned metal bands pushing the boundaries, this is about to change.

Well done guys, and nine rightly deserved devil heads coming your way.


01. Intro (1:04)
02. Beyond These Walls (4:34)
03. Rulers of Truth (6:23)
04. Rise of the Messenger (5:19)
05. Blinded Faith (4:25)
06. The Empowerment (2:28)
07. Maze of Despair (4:53)
08. Iron Curtain Falls ( 5:02)
09. Reality Illusion (6:33)
10. A Chapter in Greed (1:56)
11. The Final Destination (8:26)
12. Don't Talk to Strangers (5:16)

Playing Time: 56:00

Antti Lauri - Lead Guitars
Jarkko Lunnas - Drums
Asim Searah - Clean Vocals
Tommy Tuovinen - Harsh & Clean Vocals
Jukka Vehkamaa - Bass
Kalle Niininen - Rhythm Guitars

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