Crypts of Despair

The Stench of the Earth

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24th November 2017
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Testimony Records
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Forget the fact that Testimony Records© landed the biggest fish possible in what is now Crypts of Despair Forget the fact that “The Stench of the Earth” is beyond what a freshmen Lithuanian Death Metal band should sound like. Forget the fact that the band has existed for over eight years.  Forget the fact that people say Old School Death Metal is dead!  On November 24th, 2017, Testimony Records© will be releasing “The Stench of the Earth“, Crypts of Despair’s first album. Period.

Crypts of Despair – Lithuanian Death Metal with an Old School Twist!

Why such a long delay if the band has been around since 2009 you ask? In the words of Crypts of Despair.

“In 2013 the band went into a deep slumber due to personal reasons of some members and would not be revived until 2016. Talks of putting the band back together were initially started between D.A. and S.J. (Bass/Vocals –
current) in early 2016 and S.K. joined with no hesitation as the idea of reviving the band at some point was always in the back of their minds. The decision was made to record an album at the end of the year since song material was plenty and vibes were energetic and fueled with passion and ideas.”

So the question then becomes.  What does an album that took so long to put together sound like?  Follow me on an old school death metal trip to the very bottom of the Crypts of Despair!  From the beginning, the album hits hard.  The intro and title track, The Stench of the Earth, delivers a deep and dark old school doomesque path straight into the Path to Vengeance where again, the OLD SCHOOL presence is felt throughout the track.  Then, we are dropped straight into the Pits Of Endless Torment where the death and thrash abilities take center stage.   77, where the head banging definitley begins to take shape and the pit inside my head rages as bodies crash and thrash.

“If there is one track off of this ablum that can sum up Crypts of Despair in one song its Monuments of Fear.  The absolute dedication to stay on the sound, on the feedback and deliver all types of metal genre in this one song is absolute death.”  /raVen/

The listener will continue to enjoy the dark gutteral vocals, change of pace, solid riffs and a true dedication to the art of metal continiung throughout Flesh Eternity, Enslaved In Blasphemy, Possessed by Astral Parasites and Ravage the Earth, all leading to the superstar track of the ablum in Monuments of Fear.  If there is one track off of this inaugural LP that can sum up Crypts of Despair in one song its Monuments of Fear.  The absolute dedication to stay on the sound, on the feedback and deliver all types of metal genre in this one song is absolutel death.

All in all this ablum is a solid tribute to Old School Death Metal and the contributions of all the artists and the long anticipatory wait of relasing “The Stench of the Earth” has been well worth the wait.  Limited supplies of the album are for sale in Vinyl, CD and Digital downloads of .MP3 and FLAC via the lables Bandcamp site.



1. The Stench Of The Earth (1:54)
2. Path To Vengeance (3:41)
3. Pits Of Endless Torment (4:28)
4. 77 (3:18)
5. Fleshless Eternity (3:06)
6. Enslaved In Blasphemy (3:31)
7. Possessed By Astral Parasites (3:24)
8. Ravage The Earth (5:51)
9. Monuments Of Fear (5:57)
10. Dead Light (4:17)

Playing Time: 39 Minutes

S.K. (drums),
J.Ž. (bass/vocals)
V. (guitars).
D.A. (guitars/vocals)
**V. departed shortly after couple rehearsals.**

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