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16th March 2018
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Longlife Records
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Ten years and still going strong. Stronger than ever, to be more precise. Crocell celebrated their tenth anniversary year, 2017, by recording their fifth album, Relics. Contrary to what the title suggests, there’s no sign that the band is aging. This one is darker and faster than any of its predecessors.

Where the Danish quartet focused more on melodic death with a tendency toward the epic mid-tempo songs in the past, the pendulum has swung in the general direction of black metal or at least blackened death – without losing the huge, melodic razor riffs.
There are now exactly two songs, Last Dawn Duet and World at Its End, were the tempo has been taken down from full throttle –  and the latter even with an acoustic guitar intro. The rest of the album hammers away in a stately and masterful manner.

In my humble view, Crocell cement their position as one of Denmark stalwart metal bands with this album. The Aarhus band manage to place themselves firmly between the death and black camps and deliver an outstanding quality of music.

Relics is brutal, dark and fast and so fookin’ metal. Check it out.


01. Black Death Redemption
02. Once Called Slaves
03. Conqueror's Tyranny
04. Tombworld
05. Plague Altar
06. Last Dawn Duet
07. Mammon Rise
08. Liar's Labyrinth
09. World at Its End

Playing Time: 41 minutes

Asbjørn Steffensen: vocals
Tommy Christensen: guitars
Rasmus Hexen Henriksen: guitars
Onkel K. Jensen: bass
Andreas Posselt: drums

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