Crazy Lixx

Ruff Justice

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21st April 2017
Record Label:
Frontiers Records
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If you are in the mood for some good ol’ fashion hard rock with some rough and sleazy edges, there really are not many bands delivering music worth talking about these days. Of course, the exception are a few Swedish bands like Hardcore Superstar, Crashdïet, and Crazy Lixx.

The influences remain the same: Kiss, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, and G ‘n’ R. The songs might tend towards being a tad cheesy, but who cares as long as they make you rock!

Ruff Justice is exactly what the doctor ordered: fun loving hard rock with an edge!

Crazy Lixx have by no means revolutionized the style, nor do they bring anything new to the scene. Ruff Justice is just pure rock ‘n’ roll made in Sweden.

If you like the bands mentioned above, and a sleazy shot of hard rock, then you’ll love this album as well.

Best moments: ‘Wild Child,’ ‘XIII,’ ‘Killer,’ ‘Snakes in Paradise,’ and ‘Kiss of Judas.’


1. Wild Child (4:36)
2. XIII (4:51)
3. Walk the Wire (4:53)
4. Shot with a Needle of Love (3:46)
5. Killer (4:29)
6. Hunter of the Heart (3:52)
7. Snakes in Paradise (5:00)
8. If It's Love (5:01)
9. Kiss of Judas (4:03)
10. Live Before I Die (3:03)

Playing Time: 43:38

Danny Rexon – Vocals
Chrisse Olsson – Guitars
Jens Lundgren – Guitars
Jens Sjöholm – Bass
Joél Cirera – Drums

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