Liberation's Fall

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13th June 2018
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With an entire page of the accompanying CD booklet dedicated to the memory of Sanctuary/Nevermore voice Warrel Dane, the Boston band Collector set their listeners’ expectations high even before the first spin of the album. Is this Nevermore quality music and, importantly, vocal performance?

The short answer is a hollow and slightly disillusioned “No.”

It’s not as if there isn’t great music on this album. There certainly is. It’s clearly ambitious, with an eye to the epic and admirably diverse, although this sometimes falls over and tends toward a slightly disparate outcome where you lose the thread. But what is important is that Collector have the ability to paint pictures with their music and build a rifforama with seemingly no end. There is material in these fellows for many fine future releases, I’m sure of it.

The contributions by Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist), Chris Broderick (formerly of Megadeth, now Age of Destruction) and not least  Warrel Dane are impeccable – in the case of Dane it’s a relief to finally hear a solid, professional voice towards the end of album on the song ‘End This Life’ (the irony of the title of the song is inch thick).

You see, what goes wrong for me is the contribution by vocalist/guitarist Sinan. He has no great voice. His clean song is weak to say it the least, his growls are a sort of odd belting with more air than actual power, and the spoken parts need a much more charismatic voice than his. Either Sinan needs a lot more training if he wants to keep doing this or a replacement would be advisable going forward.

Other than that, there’s a lot of promising music on Collector’s debut album. I expect we’ll hear a lot more from them.


01. Lullaby of Eternity
02. Between the Two Demons
03. A Tale of Titans
04. The System Has Failed
05. Liberation's Fall
06. The Undead Kings
07. Vantablack
08. End This Life
09. Angels

Playing Time: 66 minutes

Lead Vocal/Lead Guitars: Sinan Pehlivanoglu
Guitars: Mesut Basaran
Bass: Umut Emre Ture
Drums: Yagiz Ozdag

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