Phil Anselmo & the Illegals

Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue

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26th January 2018
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Housecore Records
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Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals realease one of the heaviest albums of 2018 to date in Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue.  The unmistakable voice of Phil H. Anselmo innerwoven with the rage, mania and frantic style of the Illegals make this a must have for any fan of thrash.

“The Great Khan” calls it!

Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue is described brilliantly by the Klingon leader, Khan from Star Trek 2 – The Wrath of Khan.  Prior to the Klingon leader placing a larva into Checkhov’s ear and before the larva ruthlessly and aggressivley buries itself through the ear canal Khan makes this statment,Their young enters through the ears and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex.  This has the effect of leaving the victim exremely suceptible to, suggestion.  That is exaclty what you will get with this album.  A nasty, ugly, visceral lyrical and musical compliation that will scratch and scrape through your inner ear canal finally becoming indelibly one with your cerebral cortex!.

A nasty, ugly, visceral lyrical and musical compliation that will scratch and scrape through your inner ear canal finally becoming indelibly one with your cerebral cortex!/raVen/

The Illegals

From the first track, “Little Fucking Heroes” through the end of “Mixed Lunatic Results“, there will be no rest for the weary.  Possibly the heaviest and most pronounced thrash album I have had the opportunity to listen to in years.  The change of pace and segmatic riffs throughout each and every track on this album are literal ear candy.

The lineup of the THE ILLEGALS has of course changed since album one.  Philip had this to say about his new crew:

Their creative input is fucking fantastic. This is something that was very different from the first record where I was very staunch. I wanted it to be ugly. I was very firm that I was writing every fucking note. The thought was, ‘This is my contribution to ugly music right this second in a heavy metal vein.’ That was great at the time. ‘Walk Through Exits Only’ made its own little statement that I am a free agent and I belong to no single band. This time, I worked closely with everyone. We tried different ideas together. It made the spirit of this thing come alive even more because of the enthusiasm these guys bring. It enhanced the integrity of the project. Phil Anselmo – On the Illegals current lineup.

Behind one of the most polarizing and enigmatic metal megatrons in Philip H. Anselmo we get “the Illegals“.  An amazing and eclectic group of artists.  Within the new lineup we see a solidification of their true ranking in Thrash Metal greats, but again, with Philip how can you not!  In Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue with Mike Deleon from Disfigured and Flesh Hoarder and Walter Howard the long time Texan bassist we get a Thrash Metal album that will be a “Blue”print for years to come.

Choosing Mental Illness as a Virtue

With this second full length album the influences of Death Metal, Slash Metal and Sludge Metal are abundant. Through the riffs Mike and Stephen lay down in “Little Fucking Heroes“, “The Ignorant Point” and “Photographic Taunts” we get a smooth and aggressive pace.

The bass work by Walter Howard is powerful and only amplifies the angst.  Behind all of the riffs we get the blasts upon blasts by Blue Gonzalez.  Each blast with preceision and purpose carry each song to destination no matter the length.

The lyrical mastery will require you to possibly pull out your thesaurus and begin Googling the vocabulary.  What should we expect from one of the most influential metal visigoths since the 90’s began?  Nothing but pissing excellence just like Phil Anselmo, a man possessed.  A man possessed by metal and we as metal fans get to reap that possession daily!

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1. Little Fucking Heroes
2. Utopian
3. Choosing Mental Illness
4. The Ignorant Point
5. Individual
6. Delinquent
7. Photographic Taunts
8. Finger Me
9. Invalid Colubrine Frauds
10. Lunatic Results

Playing Time: 46 Minutes

Philip H. Anselmo: Vocals
Mike DeLeon: Lead Guitar
José Manuel "Blue" Gonzalez: Drums
Stephen "Schteve" Taylor: Guitar
Walter Howard: Bass

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