The New Horizon Dawns

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1st December 2018
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Chariot was formed around 1983 in the North Eastern outskirts of London, after Metal had been experiencing a significant upheaval. I mention this because “The New Horizon Dawns”, Chariot’s newest full-length, possesses the same exuberance of the band’s more youthful incarnation.

This album contains more hooks than a rush-hour London train contains passengers but will make you perspire just as much. Moreover, while the songs possess a fair amount of melody, the influence from AC/DC is always round the next corner, partly due to the singing of Pete Franklin and partly due to the rock solid rhythm section. Just listen to ‘Rock My World’ or ‘Killing Machine’ and you’ll see what I mean.

My only gripe concerns the cover art…it would have been great to have something more colourful. But nevermind…because by and large there isn’t anything here that I haven’t been spinning repeatedly these last few days. Even the sound production feels spot on.

Groundbreaking? No sir, just Classic Metal done properly.


1. Asylum
2. Killing Machine
3. What Have We Become
4. Predator
5. Rock My World
6. The New Horizon Dawns
7. Fever
8. Silver Blade
9. Drones of War
10. Pray for Your Life

Playing Time: 48:11

Pete Franklin - vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul Lane - lead guitar
John Smith - bass
Jeff Braithwaite - drums

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