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20th April 2018
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Celtachor identify with the mythology of Ireland, the band’s country of origin, and have been doing so for about a decade. With “Fiannaíocht” the band takes specific inspiration from old books of poetry ingrained in Irish history. In fact the events celebrated in this album date back over a thousand years and relate to battles, characters and tribulations that defined that era.

Musically “Fiannaíocht” feels like an intricate and passionate work. Upon a Progressive Black Metal background, Celtachor use acoustic and wind instruments as well as various singing styles to bring the stories within the album to life.

So, for example, you have ‘King Of Tara’, which aptly encapsulates melody, atmosphere and Metal sonorities. Or ‘Caolite’, with its emotionally-laden fierce vocals. ‘Great Ships Came From Over The Waves’ is an instrumental that paints a picture more effectively than words could have and is characterised by Stephen Roche’s bewitching flute. ‘The Battle On The Shore’ is one of the album’s highlights as well as an example of the band’s song-writing skills. ‘Dubh, Dun Agus Liath’ is an evocative song and the perfect ending to the album.

Production-wise, “Fiannaíocht” has a good blend of rawness and sophistication. Conveying Metal dynamics without foregoing that Celtic feel must have been quite a challenge but one which, I think, Celtachor have mastered.

Metal and ancient folk music have a closer affinity than one might imagine. Both play a tribal function within their respective societies, both tend to involve heroic tales and serve to coalesce tribes. “Fiannaíocht” is a testament to this.


01. Sons Of Morna
02. King Of Tara
03. Tuiren
04. The Search For Sadbh
05. Caoilte
06. Great Ships Came From Over The Waves (instrumental)
07. The Battle On The Shore
08. Tears Of Aoife (instrumental)
09. Cauldron Of Plenty
10. Dubh, Dun Agus Liath

Playing Time: 57:00

Stephen Roche: vocals, whistles
David Quinn: guitars, backing vocals
Fionn Stafford: guitar, backing vVocals
Liam Henry: violin, harp
Robert Macdomhnail: bass, bouzouki, harp
Anaïs Chareyre: drums, bodhran, backing vocals

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