Burning Hatred


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30th June 2017
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Morbid Skull Records
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If you would like some history about Burning Hatred, I advise you to click on the band’s name above. I am going to immediately talk about the new album Carnage! This is not a completely new release. This album was previously released on cd by Vic Records and Murder Records in April of 2016. Now it will also be available on cassette through Morbid Skull Records. I guess there are still some fans that are into cassettes as well as cds, digital downloads, or vinyl. One thing hasn’t changed, and that is the music. I was not aware of the album in 2016, so I picked it up now.

Burning Hatred play Swedish style old school death metal combined with Dutch death metal influences. It’s of mix of old Entombed, Carnage, and Grave with some Sinister, Bolt Thrower, and Asphyx. The combination of fast pieces, groovy rhythms, and slower doom passages are a trade mark of the band. Of course, the deep guttural vocals are there as well. I like bands playing this style, but this album isn’t special and good enough to put Burning Hatred in my list of favorites. The songs are too average and there is too little variation, which makes some tracks sound a bit similar.

All in all, Carnage isn’t a bad album, but it’s also not an album that sticks out.


01. The Rawagede Massacre
02. Reign Of Horror
03. Carnage Of War
04. Desecration
05. Religious Insanity
06. Dying Day
07. Bedevilment
08. Doomed City
09. Perceived Infestation
10. March Towards Death

Playing Time: 40:47

Marc Ouwendijk - Guitars
René Brugmans - Vocals
Bas Wijnbergen - Bass
Gerben Mol - Drums
Martin Brakert - Guitars

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