Midnight Ghost

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28th September 2018
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AFM Records
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Are it eleven or twelve albums this German power metal band already released? One thing is for sure, they always deliver a certain quality. Andy B. Franck. has been the singer since their third album Ambiguity. He is the recognizable beacon in the band and has the almost perfect power metal voice.

My personal favorite album is Soul Temptation, but like I already said, there isn’t a weak album. Actually only the bass player is new in the line-up compared with their Soul Temptation album. Midnight Ghost has the normal ingredients for a Brainstorm album. The opener is heavy and fast with a very nice melody and refrain. After that mid-tempo and faster songs vary eachother. Sometimes a song has a very soft start but gets heavier near the end. The only softer song, you can name it a ballad if you like is ‘The Path’. With that said, I have to conclude that this is one of the heavier and faster albums of the band.

The excellent production and heavy sounding guitars also see to that. Power metal fans and Brainstorm fans will be pleased with this release.


01. Devil’s Eye
02. Revealing The Darkness
03. Ravenous Minds
04. The Pyre
05. Jeanne Boulet (1764)
06. Divine Inner Ghost
07. When Pain Becomes Real
08. The Four Blessings
09. Haunting Voices
10 The Path

Playing Time: 51:00

Andy B. Franck (vocals)
Torsten Ihlenfeld (guitars)
Milan Loncaric (guitars)
Antonio Ieva (bass)
Dieter Bernert (drums)

Reinier de Vries
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