Temple of Lies

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13th April 2018
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AFM Records
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Bonfire is one of those bands that make it difficult for a reviewer to decide whether to call them a traditional Heavy Metal band, or a Power Metal band, because they are a blend of both. The problem with this is that this makes it a bit more difficult to describe their music in words, but musically speaking this is a highly interesting blend, particularly when a band takes the best of both worlds so to say. And yes, Bonfire was and still is such a band. Classical melodic mostly mid tempo Heavy Metal with a certain Power Metal touch. In fact many fans will likely classify them as Power Metal after the first song already. A piano, a narrator whom you would probably expect on the audio book version of a fairy tale, or a fantasy story is simply something you would rather expect from a Power Metal band. Throw in the clear vocals and particularly how they are delivered and the “Power Metal” impression becomes even stronger.

And yet, Bonfire is not really a Power Metal band. There is more of a melodic old School Metal touch with maybe a hint of a mild sleaze touch thrown in. Take the title track “Temple of Lies”, for instance. There is a certain Power Metal touch to it, but at the same time you get this certain sleaze “me against the world” Metal feeling. Also, the guitar work. It does not feel like the guitarist just wants to show off, it feels more like the guitarist is so full of anger and frustration that he has no other choice, but to let out his frustration in his guitar work. “Stand or Fall” stresses the sleaze touch much more though. Mid tempo, a “get your act together” attitude, clean vocals and yet again excellent guitar work. However, this time it feels more as if the guitarist just wants to play for the fun of it. It simply feels right and not forced in any way or form.

Another thing that you get a lot on this album are love songs. “Crazy over You” is the most positive song here. Passionate and full of overwhelming emotions which are, yet again accentuated by the guitar again. However, love is not always fun. “I’ll never be loved by you” explores the subject of unanswered love and that sometimes it is better to just say “Screw it!” and to move on.

All in all the album leaves a very positive impression. It is packed with so much feeling and so many emotions that it will take you on a wild ride, if only you allow for it. If you like Old School Metal, Sleaze and at least a tiny bit of Power Metal then chance is that you will simply love this album! 9 devils!


1. In The Beginning
2. Temple Of Lies
3. On The Wings Of An Angel
4. Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire)
5. Stand Or Fall
6. Comin' Home
7. I'll Never Be Loved By You
8. Fly Away
9. Love The Way You Hate Me
10. Crazy Over You

Playing Time: 43:30

Vocals: Alexx Stahl
Guitar: Hans Ziller
Guitar: Frank Pané
Bass: Ronnie Parkes
Drums: Tim Breideband

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