When Colors Fade Away

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15th September 2017
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It must have been around 1990, when I first listened to Trouble. Their self-titled, Rick Rubim produced album from that year was my introduction to the band, and I was a fan immediately. I picked up their earlier recordings, and was more than pleased with the next two releases, Manic Frustration (1992) and Plastic Green Head (1995) in particular. 2007’s comeback album, Simple Mind Condition was an alright album, but not really one that has made a lasting impression the same way as the older material.

With Eric Wagner leaving the band, Kory Clarke coming in, and then later Kyle Thomas, I also left the band, so to speak, although the band’s concert at Wacken in 2009 was a fine experience.

Wagner moved on to other projects, most notably Lid, the almost-Trouble outfit The Skull and, yes, you guessed it; Blackfinger. The self-titled debut came out in 2014 and sounded a lot like Trouble, mainly due to Wagner’s characteristic voice.

The same can be said of When Colors Fade Away, although, there is one big difference; Eric is relying less on the almost shrill style that he has been using throughout the years. Rather, he’s exploring the deeper end of his register, and I must say that it sounds fantastic. I also have a feeling that it’s more accessible for the broader audience.

From the very outset, the listener is left with no doubt that Black Sabbath music is on the table. The title track oozes Sabbath, from sound to riffing, but there is also that understanding of ur-pop-rock melody, which takes this album a couple of notches beyond the many, many mediocre  doom rock and metal bands out there. I’m talking about The Beatles. Those melancholy pop phrasings that they knew exactly how to put together, that’s also obvious in Blackfinger songs like ‘My Old Soul’ and ‘Till We Meet Again’. The former in particular is a song that has been spinning in my head the past couple of weeks. Amazing stuff!

When Colors Fade Away is one amazing album. It doesn’t tear your head off with its brutality or makes your ears bleed with a 1000 miles-per-hour riffing; it is simply good music in a way that I believe can bring generations of metal fans together.


01. When Colors Fade Away
02. Can I Get A Witness
03. All My Sorrow
04. My Old Soul
05. Afternow
06. Beside Still Water
07. Waiting For The Sun
08. Till We Meet Again

Playing Time: 39 minutes

Matthew Cross - bass
David Snyder - drums
Matthew Tuite - guitar
Terry Weston - guitar
Eric Wagner - voice

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