Beyond Creation


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12th October 2018
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Season of Mist
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Do you know the opposite of elevator music? It is ‘paint your cladding’ music! This kind of painting takes eons to do it well, with cerebral activity close to braindead. In order to deal with it, without becoming a vegetable, you need not just a simple background, but rich music which penetrates and stimulates you.

I had to paint a lot this summer, on house, not canvas, listening to the whole King Crimson discography before their great show in Oslo. I am still doing this boring activity, helped by the new Obscura, Voight Kampff, Animal As Leaders, many more, and of course, Beyond Creation, with The Aura (2011), Earthborn Evolution (2014) and now Algorythm.

Four years between two records could be regarded as a long path for a young and active band. The bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout joined and the time flowed quick as they were almost always on tour. They used this period to enhance their osmosis and to go further (or beyond…) in terms of composition.

The result is commensurate with the quartet’s ambition and patient work. They do not use their stratospheric technique to impress, but to create. The quality of the songwriting is the aim, with balance between power and delicacy, strength and grace.

Algorythm is a progressive death metal record, fully from 2018. But by the multiple sensations it brings, its variations, ideas, atmospheres, this album reminds me as well the unique vibes I get from some progressive rock or metal masterpieces, these records you are still listening from A to Z, not just picking a song here and there, and always find something new.

Algorythm is coming just after The Wake, the new Voivod creation. Mes cousins du Québec, they are still ruling!

Two years after their memorable show at the Aalborg Metal Festival ( I will have again the pleasure to enjoy Beyond Creation live at the same place in November. See you there!


1. Disenthrall
2. Entre Suffrage Et Mirage
3. Surface's Echoes
4. Ethereal Kingdom
5. Algorythm
6. À Travers Le Temps Et L'Oubli
7. In Adversity
8. The Inversion
9. Binomial Structures
10. The Afterlife

Playing Time: 50:39

Simon Girard: Vocals & Guitars
Kevin Chartré: Guitars & Back Vocals
Hugo Doyon-Karout: Bass
Philippe Boucher: Drums

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