Beneath the Silence


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11th May 2018
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Beneath the Silence has a new EP out, and it is called Phoenix.  If you are a fan of ‘melodic metal’, as they dub themselves, then you will love this.  At first I was reminded of a veritable myriad of female-fronted bands – then I began to listen a bit closer.  Mette has her own voice, and it is a damn good one.  She is accompanied by Soren on bass, Rene on rhythm guitar, Daniel on lead guitar and Mikkel on the drums.  They have the tunes down, damn the genre.

The lead-off single is a track called Ashes.  There is some excellent riffage going on here, and plenty of excellent, clean vocals (a la Halestorm or a million others).  I was particularly affected by the constant barrage of riffs.  From the Inside is the opener, and it is another good one.  It has a great sound – somebody was concerned with production values here.

Can You Hear Me? is even heavier than the track before.  There is an ethereal quality about it, and the drummer is just very busy in a good way.  Break the Circle features distinctly more heaviness, slamming and pounding galore.  This tune made me want to stand up and start playing air guitar!  A lyric struck me as rather profound also, “in this vast array of silence and pretense“.  Not your normal boy-meets-girl lyrics, right?  Great stuff.

The final track, Hate Me,  is a real kicker, and is very good from beginning to end.  Everything comes to the fore here – the vocals, the drums, the bass and the guitars.  We are talking about a band who is coming into their own here.  Once you have listened to this, and yo really like it, which you will, then you should go back and get their other album, Meant For the Clouds.


1) From the Inside
2) Ashes
3) Can You Hear Me?
4) Break the Circle
5) Hate Me

Playing Time: 20 minutes 35 seconds

Mette - vocals
Soren - bass guitar
Rene - rhythm guitar
Daniel - lead guitar
Mikkel - drums

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