Only Death Can Save You

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14th June 2019
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Agonia Records
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Although I am an atheist, it breaks my heart to see flames destroying Notre-Dame and burning cultural heritage. As I have been watching live coverage from Paris during hours, I receive a message from Thomas about the new Beheaded, allowing me to get away from this drama.

The Maltese quintet was one of our best surprises as we enjoyed Aalborg Metal Festival in 2013, supporting their record Never to Dawn (2012)

They now give us a successor to the intense Beast Incarnate (2017).

The concept behind Only Death Can Save You is what happens in our human mind when we are facing death: a very full agenda!

Almost quoting somebody we highly miss, the opening song seems to scream: ‘We are Beheaded and we play death metal!’. This is strong, effective and does not need more than four minutes to meet the requirements, as all the other tunes.

The second shot could have been composed in the early nineties with its irresistible bridge. The band was actually formed in 1991 but has no wrinkle after 28 years and various line-up changes. The new record shows no quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns: tradition and modernity get the same space here.

If you do not feel an uncontrollable urge to headbang on ‘A greater terror’ riffs, I cannot do anything for you.

‘Unholy man’ and ‘Embrace your messiah’ could have the caption ‘From Napalm Death (…but with a melodic guitar solo) to Morbid Angel’: absolutely enjoyable!

The papist devil is a steamroller at full speed, suddenly interrupted by a slower and heavy part. This formula (fatal to the flesh?…) has been used many times but why do without when it works so fine.

The blackened instrumental ‘Gallows walk’ could be the background for a black mass.

The title track reminds me of ‘The Blessed Dead’ by Nile, but do not misunderstand this subjective comparison: this song is excellent and not plagiarism at all.

You will get no compromise from ‘From the fire where’ it all began in conclusion of this excellent record, tailor-made for your stereo this summer and definitely for upcoming live performance.


1. The charlatan's enunciation
2. Evil be to him who evil seeks
3. A greater terror
4. Unholy man
5. Embrace your messiah
6. The papist devil
7. Gallows walk
8. Only death can save you
9. From the fire where it all began

Playing Time: 38:27

Frank Calleja - voice
David Cachia - bass
Grech Omar - guitars
Simone Brigo - guitars
Davide Billia - drums

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