Babylon A.D.

Revelation Highway

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10th November 2017
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Frontiers Records
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I have a vague recollection of Babylon A.D.‘s two first albums, and is fairly sure I had the second one on vinyl back in the day. Both belonged among the more interesting hard rock releases in 1989 and 1992 respectively, but then the big grunge wave washed everything worth talking about in hard rock away, and I lost track of Babylon A.D. along with many other hard rock bands.

They are now back with a brand new album featuring the same raw and in-your-face style that were their trademark 25 years ago. No hair metal, pretty boy stuff here: no this is dirty and raw hard rock like Skid Row and Mötley Crüe did back then. But much like so many similar bands like Lillian Axe, Love/Hate, Dangerous Toys etc. they never received the recognition they deserved.

So it’s great to have them back in good shape and picking up where they left us so long ago… back to the roots and back to the last years of the hay-days of hard rock, when the big bands could fill stadiums on a regular basis.

The outcome is a solid piece of classic inspired hard rock, and thankfully not a sad caricature of it’s former self, like we so often see these days. Revelation Highway might never go down as a “new classic” hard rock album, but Babylon A.D. does surely live up to expectations and delivers a rock solid album worth your hard earned money.

Do give it a try…


01. Crash and Burn
02. Fool On Fire
03. One Million Miles
04. Tears
05. She Likes To Give It
06. Rags To Riches
07. Last Time For Love
08. I'm No Good For You
09. Saturday Night
10. Don’t Tell Me Tonight

Playing Time: 43:23

Derek Davis – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Ron Freschi – Guitars
John Mathews – Guitars, Keyboards
Robb Reid – Bass
James Pacheco – Drums

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