Azathoth Circle

Across The Wounds

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1st August 2017
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Ukranian Alternative Death Metal band with grit and definite Edge!

“A mixture of alternative, and blackened metal mixed with a hint of progressive southern rock….”  /raVen/

The transformation of Azathoth Circle from their EP ͞The Replacement is a vast and tremendous move in the right direction for the band and artists. The first LP from Azathoth Circle, Across the Wounds is a definite cathartic tribute to the band who have shown a tremendous amount of growth and transformation not only musically but lyrically. Putting the words holistic on any metal album such as this can quickly be misinterpreted, however, impassioned lyrics with a solid mix of clean and utter guttural vocals from Alexandra Babiy make Across the Wounds a definite departure and absolute upgrade in artistry and vision from ͞The Replacement.

A mixture of alternative, and blackened metal mixed with a hint of progressive southern rock make this a solid full length debut album.

With the influences such as Tool, A Perfect Circle, Gojira and Lamb of God the audience should not be surprised when they hear some great instrumental licks, solid riffs, and clear vocals mixed together seamlessly.

When listening through the album there have been some definite and vast continued success in this LP that will continue to be refined and executed as the live performances begin to hone and sharpen the band and artists collectively.

After listening through the album my initial reactions develop where Teeny Voices, Black Magic, Dog Song, Crowned and Heart of Fire breathe a solid breath into the debut LP and provide an artistic foundation for the experimentation and lyrical releases throughout the remainder of the album. Everything Comes Real displays the southern roots of guitar and produces lyrically, musically and artistically what to expect in the future. My Own Shell, That’s What and Vidzheny slow the pace of the album a bit but still deliver solidly and artistically.

Azathoth Circle’s debut LP, Across the Wounds is a must have for any diehard fan of dark alternative metal searching for that album that every member of the band pours their heart and soul into. This album exudes years of dedication and professionalism towards perfecting their craft. Azathoth Circle has officially been cataloged in my personal library!



1 – Heart Of Fire
2 – Crowned
3 – Everything Comes Real
4 – Dog Song
5 – Vidzheny
6 – Good Days
7 – My Own Shell
8 – Thats What
9 – Teeny Voices
10 – Black Magic

Playing Time: 43 Minutes

Alexandra Babiy – vocals, lyrics
Andrey Shlenchak – guitars
Michael Yablochkov – bass

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