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Release Date:
15th February 2019
Record Label:
Nuclear Blast
Total Tracks:

Moonglow, the upcoming release of metal opera project Avantasia, is ready to take metal fans by storm. From the first glance, it is clear that creator Tobias Sammet had great plans with this album. Besides featuring old-timer vocalists such as Michael Kiske (Helloween), Jørn Lande (Jorn) and Bob Catley (Magnum), Moonglow also brings three “new” artists into the Avantasia family: legendary Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), Millie Petrozza (Kreator) and Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night).

Corresponding with the wide variety of artists, the album itself is extremely varied and detailed, spanning a wide array of themes and impressions. From the theatrical Meatloaf-influences on the intro track “Ghost In The Moon”, to “The Piper At The Break Of Dawn” combining a classic power metal beat with electronic elements, to the musical playground that is the cover of “Maniac” –  nobody can claim that Avantasia is staying inside any comfort zone on this album.

One might get that idea on “The Raven Child” in particular. The song initially features the clean vocals of Sammet, Lande and Kürsch, as they sing over a soft, celtic guitar melody. After an enchantingly folk-y bridge with catchy wordless vocals, the song abruptly transitions into the more classic Avantasia sound, with epic power metal choruses and medieval chanting. Although I would have liked for the initial celtic elements to continue throughout the entire song, the song still impresses with its many facets and is almost bound to become a fan favorite.

All in all, the latest chapter of Sammet’s metal opera can only be said to be a theatrical gemstone. The listener can feel the amount of detail poured into the album, and although not all tracks are equally enthralling, the album is captivating from beginning to end as it pulls the listener into the atmospheric Avantasia universe. Moonglow simply feels like it was written with love!


01. Ghost In The Moon
02. Book Of Shallows
03. Moonglow
04. The Raven Child
05. Starlight
06. Invincible
07. Alchemy
08. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
09. Lavender
10. Requiem For A Dream
11. Maniac

Playing Time: 67:45

Band Members:
Tobias Sammet / Lead Vocals, Bass & Keyboards
Sascha Paeth / Guitar, Bass & Keyboards
Michael Rodenberg / Orchestration & Keyboards
Felix Bohnke / Drums

Guest Vocalists:
Ronnie Atkins (Pretty Maids)
Jørn Lande (Masterplan)
Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
Mille Petrozza (Kreator)
Candice Night (Blackmore’s Night)
Geoff Tate (ex-Queensryche)
Eric Martin (Mr. Big)
Bob Catley (Magnum)
Michael Kiske (Helloween)

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