Stacking Smoke

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24th January 2019
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Painted Bass Records
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, , ,

This is what I call promotion for a new album. Not just a link to some ‘far from album quality sounding’ mp3’s, but a real hardcopy. Included with the hardcopy, Painted Bass Records/Jbmpromotion send a small magazine called the True Music Guide, concentrating just on this release. It looks very professional and all information about the band, the new album, upcoming shows and more is included.

All this very professional effort of promotion would be in vain of course if the music sucks, but lucky  for you and me the music is quite good! Autumn started somewhere in the late 90’s and belongs to the wave of ‘female fronted’ metal bands from the Netherlands. Their debut album Where Lust Evokes The Curse was released in 2002 and 2 other albums followed with Nienke de Jong as singer. In 2009 new singer Marjan Welman joined and with albums in 2009 and 2011 this new record will be her third. After the release in 2011 the band went on a 5 year hiatus and is now back full force.

3 guitars see to it that there is enough to enjoy. Seven years after Cold Comfort the style did not change a lot, so fans of that album will like this new one also. The tracks sound very mature and are well written and have a kind of depth in them. The songs are diverse in style and sound dark and drooling and with a keen production done by the band you hear a lot of details (headphone material).

Marjan her singing has also improved and fans of Anneke van Giersbergen will certainly enjoy her voice. The style of each song differs a lot, from dark sounding melancholy songs, to rocking tracks with hammond organ. Talking about the keyboards, they  are one of the highligths here. Listen for example to the solo on the opening track! Although the lot of the tracks sound rather dark and take some time to really like, ‘Black Out’ is an exception and sticks immediately. Also a more proggy track like “Where The River Ends” with its nice bassline suits me well rather fast.

Perhaps not their heaviest and happiest sounding album in their career and not one you can figure out after one spin. You have to listen often and very good to get familiar with the songs and I’m sure that it will grow on you and become one of Autumn’s favorite albums. After 7 years a job well-done, an honest album on a high performing level!






01. The Phantom Limb
02. Old Fuel
03. Stacked Smoke
04. Blackout
05. Cyanide Sky
06. Where the River Ends
07. Thursday
Forging Tempests:
08. Fury (part I)
09. Shadow North (part II)
10. Shift to Silence (part III)
11. Beacon (part IV)

Playing Time: 56:46

Marjan Welman - vocals
Jan Munnik - keyboards
Mats van der Valk - guitar
Jens van der Valk - guitar
Ronald Landa - guitar
Maurice vd Es - bass
Jan Grijpstra - drums

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