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18th August 2017
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Ván Records
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In late 2012, when Attic released their debut album The Invocation, it hit like a laser-guided missile. Finally a band was not afraid to take on the huge task of recreating and capturing the spirit and magic of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond. A big undertaking, which they achieved close to perfection! Attic went all in on the task and created a musical universe where the atmosphere, occult lyrics, and the music came as close to the original as possible.

I found the album very impressive and actually quite refreshing, even though the authenticity was close to zero. So are Attic able to convince us once more with their new album Sanctimonious? No, not at all…

The fountain of inspiration is still the same, and the high-pitched vocals still have strong ties to Kim Bendix Petersen. Although, it does quickly become very enervating and boring. The muddy and mediocre production doesn’t help the matter one bit either!

Maybe my taste has moved on over the past five years, but this is simply not my cup of tea! However, I am sure fans of their first album will adore Sanctimonious as much as the debut, because it picks up exactly where the first one left us.


1. Iudicium Dei (1:23)
2. Sanctimonious (5:49)
3. A Serpent in the Pulpit (6:47)
4. Penalized (3:46)
5. Scrupulosity (1:06)
6. Sinless (4:37)
7. Die Engelmacherin (7:44)
8. A Quest for Blood (1:20)
9. The Hound of Heaven (5:28)
10. On Choir Stalls (6:37)
11. Dark Hosanna (5:47)
12. Born from Sin (5:40)
13. There is no God (7:59)

Playing Time: 64:04

Meister Cagliostro – Vocals
Katte – Guitar
Rob – Guitar
Chris – Bass
JP – Drums

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