Masters of Darkness

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8th December 2017
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Massacre Records
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German Metal Giants, Atrocity, take center stage once again their 2017  release of “Masters of Darkness“.  Available in a limited 4-track digipak EP release as well as a limited 2-track 7” Vinyl Single that includes Masters of Darkness and Menschenschlachthaus. This EP/Single will be available to the masses on December 8th of this year sporting some serious throwback art to a darker time and life in the world.  Its simple yet EPIC!

 “A little goes a long ways in an EP especially when you dont include each release on the vinly!  Geniuses. “/raVen/

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to and absorb the EP in its full metal grandor.  Death Metal at its finest for THEE German Metal constitution in Atrocity.  As you would expect the album is hard and heavy and extremely polished from head to toe musically, lyrically and artistically.   The marketing geniuses that are Atrocity alongside the metal behemoth in Massacre Records® are keeping true to their roots in this EP and have again begun to take advantage of what most seasoned metal bands from the European Continent have learned.  A little goes a long ways in an EP especially when you dont include each release on the vinly!  Geniuses.

The 24th Studio release from Atrocity is a perfect setup forOkkult II and should be treated as such. /raVen/

As a brief placeholder before the second portion of the “Okkult” Trilogy is released we get “Masters of Darkness“.  Fans of harder Atrocity like the aforementioned “Okkult” album and the much anticipated “Okkult II” should be happy to know that “Masters of Darkness” falls right in line with “Hallucinations“, “Todessehnsucht“, “Blut“, and “Atlantis“.   The 24th Studio release from Atrocity is a perfect setup for “Okkult II” and should be treated as such.

Atrocity continues to be one of thee, if not thee most successful metal bands in Germany’s music history. Always pushing the envelope and never hesitating to experiment with metal and music we are fortunate enough to hopefully get a short glimpse into what we may be in store for with “Okkult II“.

With a keen ear and knowledge needed to pull anything and everything out of what is dark and death in this world Atrocity tapped Canadian sound designer, Katie Halliday, to assist and assist she did!  Known for here works in “Saw V”, “Saw VI”, Saw 3D (VII)”, and others miss Halliday was able to assist the metal genius in what is Alexander Krull in assembling an amazing Death Metal EP.   Masters of Darkness, the title track, starts out hard and heavy from the beginning and continues ripping and shredding through to Menschenschlachthaus, my favorite track on the EP.  Showcasing their continued amazing range and abilities to deliver on everything heavy throughout “The two digipak tracks in Devil’s Covenant and Gates to Oblivion make this a must have for any and all diehard Atrocity fans!  /raVen/

ITS A 10!


1. Masters of Darkness (4:04)
2. Menschenschlachthaus (4:30)
3. Devil's Covenant (4:10)
4. Gates to Oblivion (4:21)

7" Vinyl Single
1. Masters of Darkness
2. Menschenschlachthaus

Playing Time: 17:04

Alexander Krull – vocals
Thorsten Bauer – guitar, bass
Pete Streit – guitar
Joris Nijenhuis – drums
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