The Face Of Fear

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16th November 2018
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Metal Blade Records
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Back in 1982, somewhere across the ocean there were young metal heads rehearsing in garages playing music that would soon be more popular. Bands such as Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus, etc. etc., Denmark had their own thrash band called Artillery. Although the band never got the same popularity as their American colleagues, they delivered two cult thrash albums. By Inheritance is still one of my all time favorite thrash albums. But like many bands that released their first albums in the eighties the next albums would never be of the same level. Think of your favorite thrash albums and I’m sure most of them are one of the first 3 releases of that band!

Now back to this new release called The Face Of Fear. I have a bit mixed up feelings listening to the album. At first I only got 9 songs instead of 11 (the 2 re-recorded songs ‘Mind of No Return’ and ‘Docter Evil’) are missing, so with only 35 minutes of music the album is rather short. Second is that the balance on the album is a little gone, in my opinion there are a little too much softer melodic parts. On the other hand the real thrash songs are faster and heavier than ever. The first track is already on You Tube for a month, so everyone knows how that song sounds. The next one starts rather slow, but turns into a real fast thrash hammer soon, this is one of my favorites . ‘New Rage’ starts as a ballad, but soon becomes a mid tempo riffing track.

Melody has always been an Artillery trade mark, this really returns in ‘Sworn Utopia’, a fast song that reminds me of Megadeth. Another great riffing thrash song varied with some slower parts follows. Then a melodic metal song, I wouldn’t call it thrash is up next, but I like it. It is well build up and has some great melodies. Another melodic not particularly a thrash song follows, it has some great vocals, but in my eyes not really what I expect form a band with the name Artillery. ‘Under Water’ is just filling in my opinion, why not another real song on such a short album? The fastest track of the album follows and ends my listening session.

Final conclusion is that Artillery is back with a good album, but not the hammer I expected, I’m sure the 2 re-recorded songs I’m missing make the album better. The songs are good and of a high level in general, but I’m not over the moon.


01. The Face of Fear
02. Crossroads To Conspiracy
03. New Rage
04. Sworn Utopia
05. Through The Ages Of Atrocity
06. Thirst For The Worst
07. Pain
08. Under Water (instumental)
09. Preaching to the converted

Playing Time: 35:00

Michael Stützer - Guitars
Morten Stüzer - Guitars
Josua Madsen - Drums
Peter Thorslund - Bass
Michael Bastholm Dahl - Vocals

Reinier de Vries
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