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26th January 2018
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Mighty Music
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Is it possible that this is already the thrash/speed metal debut album of this year? It is a good month already for the thrash lovers. Besides the new Accuser album you also must pick up this self titled album of Armortura.

This is high class melodic thrash/speed, hailing from North Eastern England. After the first minute you hear where this band got their inspiration from. The melodic tight twin guitar parts are in Testament The Legacy style. If you like the debut of Testament (and who doesn’t), you have to put this on your list. Vocalist Phil has an aggressive kind of hardcore style of singing. Sometimes his style makes me think just a little bit of Phil Rind (Sacred Reich) or Roger Miret (Agnostic Front). For me this is already the surprise of the month. The production of James Stephenson sounds very modern, the songs are well written and the drums are tight as an ants ass. Jeff Waters plays along on the bonus version of ’11th Hour’, so also Jeff recognizes good music and new talent. Personal favorites? Well, I think I can name 7 or 8 songs that could be in that list, so I think you know enough. So stop reading and start to listen!

Summary: good early eighties sounding melodic thrash/speed, packed full with twin guitars Peters/Skolnick (Testament) style, finished with some Megadeth influences accompanied by hardcore sounding vocals.


01. Zodiac
02. Insidious
03. Hellbound
04. Cursed
05. Shadow Underworld
06. Flight 19
07. 11th Hour
08. Wanted Dead or Alive
09. The Keep
10. Requiem For The Damned
11. 11th Hour (Bonus Remix - Feat. Jeff Waters)

Playing Time: 54:00

Vocals - Phil De Sade
Guitar - Paul Trotter
Guitar - Adam Ironside
Drums – Neil Vickers
Bass - Steve Smart

Reinier de Vries
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Once a metal head, always a metalhead. My parents thought it would only be a period, but they were wrong. I quit to explain the beauty of metal music to others that are not into metal, because it is something you can't tell in words... It is like explaining to a teetotaller why a cold beer is so nice on a hot day... I started with bands like Accept, Metal Church, Iron Maiden and Metallica in the eighties and I think I will still listen to them when I'm stone deaf and old...

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