Pounding The Pavement

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19th January 2018
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If there is one band that has my sympathy it is Anvil. In the eighties I bought albums of  bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus etc. etc., but not Anvil. I was aware of their existence, but their music somehow didn’t create the same reaction with me as the other bands music did. After watching their DVD The Story Of Anvil, my respect for the band and interest in their music started growing. The blood, sweat and tears they put in the band and the dedication to go on despite of all the misfortunes makes me admire Robb Reiner and Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow.

Pounding The Pavement is the 17th album of the band in their almost 40 years existence! They are still around, never made the big dollars, but are still alive and kicking! Every album has a few really good songs, but also some weaker ones (at least that is my opinion). I could write a review of this album in three words and that is the name of their 2016 album: Anvil Is Anvil. If you like their earlier album, the typical rather monotous voice of Lips and the variety in tempos, this album is just what you need. The best songs on the new album are the riffmonster and opener ‘Bitch In a Box’, the uptempo song ‘Ego’, the typical Anvil style instrumental title track, speed monster ‘Black Smoke’ and ‘Warming Up’. Besides that there are a few quite simple slow songs that I like less, such as ‘Smash Your Face’, ‘Let It Go’,  ‘Nanook Of The North’ and World of Tomorrow’.

All in all again an album with highs and some lows, but for the Anvil fan a feast of recognition and satisfaction! Nothing new, nothing different, nothing out of the box, just Anvil and that is enough to know for every fan!


01. Bitch In The Box 4:29
02. Ego 2:57
03. Doing What I Want 3:17
04. Smash Your Face 4:20
05. Pounding The Pavement 3:05
06. Rock That Shit 3:21
07. Let It Go 3:00
08. Nanook Of The North 5:57
09. Black Smoke 3:26
10. World Of Tomorrow 4:37
11. Warming Up 3:03
12. Don´t Tell Me 3:51 (bonus track)

Playing Time: 45:00

Steve “Lips” Kudlow: guitars, vocals
Robb Reiner: drums
Chris Robertson: bass

Reinier de Vries
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