Anubis Gate

Covered in Black

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1st September 2017
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Nightmare Records
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Danish progressive metallers Anubis Gate have grown stronger and stronger, and the trajectory points towards the stars with their new album, entitled Covered in Black.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical when Jacob Hansen vacated the vocal position before their self-titled album was released in 2011. However, they had a more than suitable replacement already in their ranks, as Henrik Fevre has grown into his new position very well, and delivers his best performance to date on this new album.

Who would have thought that what began as a pretty straightforward power metal band in 2003, would fourteen years later be such a strong and unique sounding progressive metal band. The transformation started when Jacob Hansen became a member. He has been their house producer since the beginning, with guitarist Kim Olesen as his side-kick, and has remained in that capacity even after his departure.

Covered in Black is an intense introvert journey into the darker sides of the Anubis Gate universe; its sound darker and gloomier, as it spreads its wings further out than ever before. The fascination for Middle-Eastern and Arabic sounds and stories are still an important part, and the integration and interaction with their diverse and complex sounds and song-structures work to perfection on this album.

The trio of ‘Black’, ‘Blacker’, and ‘Blackest’ form a natural peak on the album, but there’s not a dull moment on Covered in Black. Other highlights include ‘The Combat’ and ‘Operation Cairo’.

Well done my fellow Danes!


01. Psychotopia
02. The New Delhi Assassination
03. The Combat
04. Too Much Time
05. A Journey to Nowhere
06. Black
07. Blacker
08. Blackest
09. Operation Cairo
10. From Afar

Playing Time: 55:47

Henrik Fevre - Vocals, Bass
Kim Olesen - Guitars, Keyboards
Michael Bodin - Guitars
Morten Gade Sørensen - Drums

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