Animal Drive


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23rd February 2018
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Frontiers Records
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It is pretty obvious why the late Paul O’Neill handpicked vocalist Dino Jelusic to tour with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and together with his fellow compatriots from Croatia comes now the debut album from his own band Animal Drive.

‘Bite!’ is an energetic and fast paced hard rock album with eleven very strong and powerful songs that oozes of high quality and great musicianship. But above everything else stands Dino Jelusic‘s vocals; he sings like a young David Coverdale with a small pinch of Eric Martin (Mr. Bit) thrown in. His performance alone should be enough for any hard rock fan to jump for joy and buy this album immediately.

But a vocalist is nothing without a talented “supporting crew” and strong and well written songs and those things are also in place here and put together we’re served with a highly recommended album that features everything you need in a hard rock album with an edge.

So get ready to be blown away by another great find by Frontiers Music: Animal Drive!

Best moments: “Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone)”, “Lights of the Damned”, “Father” & “Deliver Me”.


01. Goddamn Marathon
02. Tower of Lies (I Walk Alone)
03. Had Enough
04. Hands of Time
05. Lights of the Damned
06. Time Machine
07. Father
08. Fade Away
09. Carry On
10. Devil Took My Beer Again
11. Deliver Me

Playing Time: 52:07

Dino Jelusic - Vocals
Ivan Keller - Guitars
Roko Nikolic - Bass
Adrian Boric - Drums

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