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16th February 2018
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The ninth album of Brasilian power/progressive metal band Angra is the first EOTYL (end of the year list) material. Personally I find this one of their top 4 albums. There are a lot of fast songs and parts, the guitars are rather heavy in the mix and the arrangements and production is awesome. Fabio Lione does his best job so far, and also Rafael sings great. Omni is a so called concept album, but I stick to the music and let you check out the story on the album yourself.

The opener is fast power metal from start to finish, with great orchestral arrangements and a perfect melody. ‘Travelers in Time’ is a bit slower and has some great vocals of Rafael. My favorite song is the variable track  ‘Black Widow’s Web’. The growling parts are taken care of by Alissa White Gluz and also the Brazilian Sandy is present for some serene female singing. After that a fine melodic power metal song with excellent refrains follows. Next up is the first real progressive track ‘The Bottom of My Soul’. Typical Angra elements like Latin and tribal  rhytmns are present as well. After a real heavy and fast track, ‘Caveman’ has all these typical Angra elements in it.

Real progressive metal follows with ‘Magic Mirror’, piano parts, softer pieces and a great bass line are the main ingredients. More progressive stuff follows with the charming soft and serene song  ‘Always More’. The last 2 songs form the big finale. The first part starts with Latin guitars, followed by heavy riffs, progressive pieces, power metal elements, great guitar solos and this all in great balance. The last Omni piece is an orchestral symphonic soundtrack sounding instrumental.

The new album of Angra is one hour of great music, every power and progressive metal fan should agree on that I think.


01. Light of Transcendence
02. Travelers of Time
03. Black Widow's Web (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
04. Insania
05. The Bottom of My Soul
06. War Horns (feat. Kiko Loureiro)
07. Caveman
08. Magic Mirror
09. Always More
10. ØMNI - Silence Inside
11. ØMNI - Infinite Nothing

Playing Time: 60:00

Fabio Lione – Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt – Guitars, Vocals
Marcelo Barbosa – Guitars
Felipe Andrioli – Bass, Backing Vocals
Bruno Valverde – Drums

Reinier de Vries
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