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26th January 2018
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Frontiers Records
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When Wig Wam broke up back in 2014, front siren Åge Sten Nilsen quickly moved on and created his own band called Åge Sten Nilsen’s Ammunition and an album was released in November 2014, entitled ‘Shanghaied’.

Wig Wam kicked their career off with a win at the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, Åge Sten Nilsen took part as a solo artist in 1998 and recently Ammunition came second with the song “Wrecking Crew”, so you could say he’s going back to his roots on this new self-titled album, first one on Frontiers Records.

And there’s no beating around the bush here, pretty straight forward hard rock with a solid dose of glam rock is on offer here. And the songs are strong, well written and performed and if you are looking for an album with those virtues then look no further…

They have a fine ear for catchy hooks and fine melody-lines, no big adventurous journeys or long instrumental parts, no this is all about the melodic rock song and the album has plenty to offer. But be aware because all of a sudden it’s all over… 37 minutes and you have to push play again.

My two favorites are the two ballads “Eye for an Eye” and “Miss Summertime”, but melodic rock fans will surely also dig songs like “Freedom Finder”, “Caveman” and “Wrecking Crew”, well the whole bloody thing will be sweet candy for them!

Good one!


01. Time (3:08)
02. Freedom Finder (3:10)
03. Virtual Reality Boy (3:37)
04. Gung Ho (I Told You So) (2:58)
05. Eye for an Eye (3:47)
06. Tear Your City Down (4:02)
07. Caveman (3:08)
08. Wrecking Crew (3:04)
09. Miss Summertime (3:32)
10. Bad Bones (3:16)
11. Klondike (3:36)

Playing Time: 37:21

Åge Sten Nilsen - Vocals
Erik Mårtensson - Guitars
Jon Pettersen - Guitars
Victor Cito - Bass
Magnus Ulfstedt - Drums
Lasse Linbråten - Keyboards

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