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28th July 2017
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Alice Cooper, the Godfather of Shock Rock, is back! Approaching 50 years in rock ‘n’ roll is an accomplishment not many reach, but one Vincent Damon Furnier is quickly approaching. He has always been an extraordinary entertainer, because when you think of Alice Cooper there’s so many other aspects than just the music that need to be taken into consideration.

Famous for his shock rock live show to compliment his take on rock music, which is influenced by hard rock, pop rock, glam rock, and heavy metal. Without strong songs it would never have worked. Alice has a very strong back catalogue, 27 studio albums to be exact. Now there are ten new strong songs to pick from, because Paranormal is his best album in ages!

I rank this album just below my all-time Top 5 Alice Cooper albums: the three marquee albums from the 70s (School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies, and Welcome to My Nightmare), along with Constrictor (yes I love that album) and Trash. Paranormal is pure and simple classic hard rock, and I must say it surpasses my expectations by a mile. Every song makes me smile, and what more can you ask for?

The album is on the short side, so do get the double disc version. It really pays off because it features two new songs with members of the original Alice Cooper band, as well as six songs recorded live in Columbus, Ohio on May 6, 2016 with the current Alice Cooper band.

Best moments: ‘Paranormal’, ‘Dynamite Road’, ‘Private Public Breakdown’ & ‘Holy Water’.


01. Paranormal (4:11)
02. Dead Flies (2:22)
03. Fireball (4:49)
04. Paranoiac Personality (3:12)
05. Fallen in Love (3:34)
06. Dynamite Road (2:43)
07. Private Public Breakdown (3:26)
08. Holy Water (3:08)
09. Rats (2:39)
10. The Sound of A (4:07)

Playing Time: 34:10

Alice Cooper - Vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitar
Tommy Henriksen - Guitars
Nick Didkovsky - Guitars
Bobby Gibson - Guitars
Parker Gispert - Guitars
Steve Hunter - Guitars
Michael Bruce - Guitars
Roger Glover - Bass
Jimmie Lee Sloas - Bass
Dennis Dunaway - Bass
Larry Mullen - Drums
Neal Smith - Drums
Bob Ezrin - Keyboards

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