Et Liber Eris

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3rd November 2017
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Seizing every opportunity to get their name out there, the Italian band Adimiron‘s popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds – and they have become one of the most promising acts in the European metal scene today. After tuning into their November release, “Et Liber Eris”, I’d say that the tenacity of Adimiron to spread their music throughout Europe is, without fail, a praiseworthy cause; A justified one at that. They really are in their own grand sphere just seemingly waiting to be heard. The album is gripping right from the get-go and, well, you’ll want to turn up the volume for this.

First and foremost, the guitars are tremendous on their own. It goes beyond the black hole of monotonous riffs and unaltered sounding tones used throughout some “progressive” albums. It sounds exploratory, yet clearly premeditated in its effects and execution. The level of sophistication of the guitar is of the highest caliber. Truly, I’m impressed.

The vocals converge between the stylings of low death growls and melodic clean vocals occasionally shifting to thrashy rasps. From the layers of soft whispers in “The Unsaid” to the ear-piercing sound of entropy and darkened reflections in “As Long As It Takes“. The delivery just wraps it up brilliantly.

The drums were just right. It could have outdone itself by a small fraction but given the nature of the songs themselves, it would have been a bit overbearing. It coheres to structure of the majority of the compositions and varies its attacks when it is least expected. I’d say it comes short in a few parts but is wholly reliable and evokes the needed calmness and astronomical fury of the songs.

Et Liber Eris” has a tendency to sound very experimental in the most hypnotic, coherent and well-defined way. If you are even slightly into progressive music, then this is your new-found drug. Indeed, a sonic maze containing 8 tracks that will overwhelm your senses.


The Sentinel
Zero-Sum Game
Joshua Tree 37
The Coldwalker
As Long As It Takes
The Unsaid
Zona Del Silencio
Album credits:

Playing Time: 41:22

Sami El Kadi, vocals
Alessandro Castelli, guitar
Cecilia Nappo, bass
Federico Maragoni, drums

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