Act Of Defiance

Old Scars, New Wounds

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29th September 2017
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Metal Blade Records
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After leaving Megadeth, Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover started Act Of Defiance. Within the year they released Birth And the Burial, an album with thrash music based on Megadeth influences. Now the second album Old Scars, New Wounds is ready for release.

There are not many new elements or musical differences compared to the debut. A small change is that vocalist Henry Derek has even more vocal variety then on the debut. He switches from clean to aggressive thrash vocals, to grunting death metal parts with ease. ‘Molten Core’ for instance sounds more like a Swedish death metal track with riffs from At The Gates and ditto the singing style. The next song is like the opening track, again a lot more thrash oriented, with harsh singing and clean vocal parts. Here you still hear the Megadeth influences, but that is no problem at all for me. ‘The Talisman’ is a song with a lot of variety, as it starts acoustic, followed by a slow riffing part, speeding up halfway, then slowing down again and ending like it started, acoustic. Another Megadeth influence, ‘Broken Dialect’, are still rather usual, but if done right who cares?

What I like most about this album is the variety of the songs and the use of thrash in combination with the 90’s In Flames and At The Gates Swedish death metal style. Especially the use of different singing styles is a great surplus. On top of that, every song has great solos from the hand of Broderick. There is not a weak song on the album, as it is very steady. The only thing you could mention is that there hasn’t been a lot of changes compared to the debut, but for me that is a strong point instead of weak.


01. M.I.A.
02. Molten Core
03. Overexposure
04. The Talisman
05. Lullaby of Vengeance
06. Circle of Ashes
07. Reborn
08. Conspiracy of the Gods
09. Another Killing Spree
10. Broken Dialect
11. Rise of Rebellion

Playing Time: 48:00

Chris Broderick - guitar
Henry Derek - vocals
Shawn Drover - drums
Matt Bachand - bass

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