The Mastery

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26th January 2018
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Metal Blade Records
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Accuser is a thrash band from Germany, but not playing typical German thrash. Die-hard thrash fans know the band already from the late eighties and the nineties. After their 1997 release they quit, getting real active again in 2008.  Since then the band releases albums again on a regular base. The Mastery is the first thrash release this year that can really enjoy me.

After a short Slayer sounding intro the groovy thrash in Sepultura Arise-era takes over. The influences of the Brasilian thrash band is present in a lot of songs. Besides that influences of Testament and also melodic pieces from todays Kreator can be heard. Mixing some Bay Area influences with typical Kerry King sounding solos in rather groovy songs works out very fine. Accuser is able to write variable songs that stick. My personal favorites are the fast melodic track ‘Time For Silence’, the variable piece ‘ My Skin’, the packed full with Slayer riffs ‘Catacombs’ and speed monster ‘Into the Black’. Actually I almost can mention every track as my favorites, because of the high standard.

I advice you not to hesitate and just order this first 2018 thrash granate, I’m sure you will not be disappointed!


01. Mission Missile 4:14
02. The Real World 4:33
03. Solace In Sorrow 5:09
04. Time For Silence 5:07
05. My Skin 5:41
06. Catacombs 4:46
07. Mourning 5:21
08. Ruthless 4:37
09. Into The Black 4:01
10. The Mastery 6:57

Playing Time: 50:00

Frank Thoms - vocals/guitars
Dennis Rybakowski - guitars
Frank Kimpel - bass
Olli Fechner - drums

Reinier de Vries
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