Abolishment of Flesh

The Inhuman Condition

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20th April 2018
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Unholy Anarchy Records
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I must confess I am a bit biased both ways with this particular release. The reason I write now, on the day after release, is because I was busy with work and National Record Store Day and such things. I am biased negatively because I normally do not really appreciate the subtle art that is growling. I am biased positively because I just so happen to be slightly acquainted with the two main guys, Ramon Cazares (guitars, vocals, drums) and Izaak Chavez (guitars). I believe they started kicking around the central Texas area around 2006. In 2007 they recorded their self-titled release, and in 2013 they got some professionals, Extreme Management Group, behind them. Here now, in 2018, is their latest full-length recording, The Inhuman Condition. It also has Sony Red on board.

I will say this about the new offering: it is some very powerful stuff.  Every track displays dizzying heights of musicianship, incredible speed, and some of the most insane growling and screaming that I have ever heard. I have heard enough to know. From the paralyzing opener, Inhuman Anatomy, to the final release of the closer, Throne of Deception, they continue to pound your senses with sheer force and brutal talent. The guitar work alone is worth the ride, but there is also some seriously busy drumming going on.

Though the speed may dim at times, such as on Servitude of Endless Suffering, things remain super heavy from beginning to end. There is a bluesy shredding in Slaves of Animosity that will perk up the ears of many a 6-string wizard.  Lack of Emotions gives you a wall of guitars in your face to chew on for the majority of the track. Weeping For the Decayed features some really intense drumming. For me, I must say the highlight is the longer of the numbers, The Suffering. At just over 7 minutes in length, it is almost twice the length of some of the others. It is pure soundscape, as much as extreme metal or thrash could be, I suppose. There are lots of big riffs, brilliant playing and a very solid main riff.

If you are a fan of extreme metal, and you enjoy the sort of brutal pulverizing that AOF could render upon your waiting senses, then by all means go out and get it! And bravo if you do!


1. Inhuman Anatomy
2. Reborn Abomination
3. Servitude of Endless Suffering
4. Slaves of Animosity
5. Morbid Imagery
6. Lack of Emotion
7. Weeping For the Decayed
8. Wake of Depridation
9. Mass Execution
10. The Suffering
11. Throne of Deception

Playing Time: 47 minutes

Ramon Cazares - guitars, vocals drums
Izaak Chavez - guitars

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