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16th March 2019
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From Malmo, Sweden comes roaring out of the woodwork a band that most prog aficianados will be familiar with by now.  They have done many road miles opening for the likes of Fish and Saga. This EP is their sixth recording, if my calculations are correct.  They have been silent for a minute, so perhaps this E.P. is their best bet for the moment. Rebirth comes to us from ACTWORLD in the States and Europe, or Marquee if you happen to be from Japan.

There are five tracks on board here, and they go from good to better to best at the close, appropriately enough.  Opening track and video The Ruler of the World features some pretty piano, some FX, some good vocalizing and an excellent guitar solo at the 3:45 mark.

Running Out of Luck is a jam of its own, complete with birds and beach FX (waves, etc.). Digital Affair is pretty much exactly what the title would suggest – an affair with a bot. There are techno vocals, keys, another wickedly good guitar solo, and more birds (??).  Meet the Past has more of the delicate piano work, plus some good vocal work. This is reggae prog, for lack of a better term. Things slow up a bit here.  We do get another cracking guitar solo at about 2:50 in.

Closer A Broken Trust is probably the best track here. It is a guitar-driven, gutsy prog rocker. Still not metal, for those of you chomping at your iron bits. Sorry. It is, however, a bit heavier than the other tracks. There are some techno vocals, FX, then keys, then at 3:15 the guitars really let rip!

Today’s lesson is this – just because you haven’t heard from a band in a while, don’t count them out! I heard that the legendary Jersey rockers Angel just signed to Cleopatra the other day!


1. The Ruler of the World
2. Running Out of Luck
3. Digital Affair
4. Meet the Past
5. A Broken Trust

Playing Time: 22 minutes 11 seconds

Band Members
Jerry Sahlin - Keyboards, Vocals
Ola Andersson - Guitars, Vocals
Peter Asp - Bass, keyboards
Herman Saming - Vocals
Thomas Lejon - Drums

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