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A.C.T. – Rebirth

From Malmo, Sweden comes roaring out of the woodwork a band that most prog aficianados will be familiar with by now.  They have done many road miles opening for the likes of Fish and Saga. [Read »]

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Vltimas – Something Wicked Marches In

Being a big fan of David Vincent, I’m sadly not as impressed with his first post-Morbid Angel studio recording as I’d expected to be. One should think that greatness is bestowed upon this constellation of [Read »]

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Fallujah – Undying Light

This is my first time listening to Fallujah despite being aware of their existence for quite some time now, so I did some digging to learn more about their history. I found that there were [Read »]

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Chariot – The New Horizon Dawns

Chariot was formed around 1983 in the North Eastern outskirts of London, after Metal had been experiencing a significant upheaval. I mention this because “The New Horizon Dawns”, Chariot’s newest full-length, possesses the same exuberance [Read »]

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Mother Of Sin – 3

Perhaps the name Mother Of Sin doesn’t ring a lot of bells, but some of our readers sure know who Eduard Hovinga is. Yes indeed, this is the vocalist on the first 3 albums of [Read »]

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TýR – Hel

Catchy, a word that describes their music for a very big part. Traditional folk elements, sing a long refrains combined with power metal riffs and melodic twin guitar pieces are the main ingredients again.  TýR did [Read »]

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Equipoise – Demiurgus

After an impressive EP, ‘Birthing Homunculi’ (2016), the virtuoso guitarist Nick Padovani strikes again and delivers with a dream team this album, ‘Demiurgus’, to make the universe out of primal matter! Allow me to quote [Read »]

Album of the Month

Dream Theater – Distance Over Time

Many of you will already know of the exploits of the fellows in Dream Theater.  Formed in the northeast (Berkeley College of Music) in 1985 as Majesty , they’ve come a considerable length since then.  [Read »]

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Overkill – The Wings Of War

One phrase spun around constantly in my head back in 1985. “Riding the Wind on a stormy night, Rides a mother’s son to take your life, They say he died ten years ago..” and so [Read »]