Chris Galea

Role: Writer
Nationality: Maltese
Lives in: Malta/UK
YoB: 1971
Favourite genres: Has a very wide ranges of music tastes

Gaia Micatovich


Role: Photographer
Nationality: Italian
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
YoB: ?
Favourite genres: Power Metal

Haydee G.

Role: Youtube channel admin/News editor/Writer
Nationality: American
Lives in: Hawaii/Finland
YoB: 1988
Favourite genres: Progressive, Shred Melodic/Symphonic Black, Melodic/Technical Death, Power, Heavy Metal

Laura Sønderskov Hansen




Role: Writer
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
YoB: 1997
Favourite genres: Power Metal, Melodic Black

Markus Falkenberg

Role: Writer
Nationality: German
Lives in: Cologne, Germany
YoB: Secret
Favourite genres: Heavy Metal, Thrash, Melodic Death

Mia Hall




Role: Writer
Nationality: Swedish
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
YoB: 1977
Favourite genres: Progressive Metal, Melodic Death, Symphonic Metal, Heavy Metal

Ole Klein

Role: Photographer
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Broballe, Denmark
YoB: ?
Favourite genres: Prog, Classic, Hard Rock, Thrash, Groove


Role: Writer
Nationality: Scottish blood - American born
Lives in: Billings, Montana, USA
YoB: 1975
Favourite genres: Progressive metal, Melodic Death, Stoner Metal

Reinier de Vries

Role: Writer
Nationality: Dutch
Lives in: Sneek, The Netherlands
YoB: 1969
Favourite genres: Thrash, speed, Death, Power Metal

Rick Ossian

Role: Writer
Nationality: American
Lives in:  Kearney, Nebraska
Favourite genres: Prog metal, classic, hard rock, thrash

Thomas Nielsen

Role: Editor-in-Chief/Live reviewer
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Silkeborg, Denmark
YoB: 1972
Favourite genres: Thrash, Speed, Death, Doom, Heavy Metal

Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Role: Writer/Photographer/Tech-Wiz
Nationality: Danish
Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
YoB: 1977
Favourite genres:  Progressive Metal, Melodic Death

Guest Writers

Besides our regular writers, Marita Tari Mirabella, Judith Munkel, Philippe Leconte, Matt Fabi and Jørgen Ditlev help us out as guest writers.


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