If you’d like us to review your promo, please contact us via Music can be shared with us as mp3, wav or FLAC files via Dropbox, Haulix, OneDrive or your own platform.

We receive A LOT of material from around the world, and we cannot possibly review everything we receive. We reserve ourselves the right not to review material we have received, although we will of course make an effort to do so. As a rule of thumb, we do not accept singles and split albums/EP’s for review – there are simply too many of them out there. NOTE: Requests for review of releases that are more than one month past release date will be deleted promptly.

Note: We review METAL and ROCK only. Not punk, indie, pop, jazz, hiphop, new wave, Indian folk, techno, country or whatever.

If you send material, make sure that you briefly describe the style of metal or rock and when the material will be released or was released. Please include the cover artwork as well.


If you’d like us to post your news, send it to

Note: News without attached or incorporated images will NOT be published, and HTML edited version is mandatory. As a rule of thumb, news attached as PDF’s or Word documents will not be posted either.


Exclusives is typically when you want us to premier your new music via a streaming service. We do that stuff. We are fundamentally a Danish site and the servers are based in Denmark, therefore we run exclusives for Denmark or Scandinavia. Our reach is global, we can be used for global exclusives as well. For exclusives, contact us via


We don’t really have a policy for ads, but you are welcome to send us your banners or ideas for contests or the like. If we advertise for you, we expect you to do the same for us on your site. Quid pro quo! Please contact us via