Please read this if you want to partner up with us in some way (or if you’re just curious).

The name of this site is The Power of Webzine. The site was created in 2003 by Kenn Jensen, who was also editor-in-chief until 2015. Thomas Nielsen was editor-in-chief after that.

The people behind the site are located in Denmark, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada and the USA. The language of the site is (some form of) English. Metal is universal and we try to be the same.

The aim of the site is non-commercial. None of the involved receive payment for their work – we all have ‘real’ jobs, families and all that. Although our work on the site is done with dedication and for the love of metal music in all shapes, it is purely hobby.

We do, however, acknowledge that our partners for the most part are commercial enterprises and that a certain level of seriousness is demanded on our behalf. We do take this responsibility seriously, but in turn, we expect our partners to understand that we do this for the music we like and for the bands that create it. We will under no circumstances write a good review because we feel that we have a business obligation to do so or, for that matter, write a negative review because someone wants us to do that. We write what we want and as subjectively as we please!

If you enter some form of partnership with us you must understand that there will be other priorities in our lives that come before the promotion of your band – albeit we will make the best effort we possibly can to help you if you help us.

Our motto is ‘Quid pro quo’! If you send us free promo copies, you can expect an honest review (hopefully before street date) on the site. If you send us a banner to display, you can expect a banner from us or figure out some other favour. If you want us to review your festival or gig, invite us – we will try to be there! You get the meaning.

As mentioned above, this is a hobby for us. This means that we do not take on any partner. If a potential partner only has one or two quality bands on the rooster and ten crap bands, we might turn that potential partner down. We receive many releases every month and we have to put in a break somewhere.

We are here to promote the metal we love – we expect you to have the same good intention. Spread the disease – let the metal flow!

The Power of staff