No Words

Release date: 2005
Label: Self produced
Provided by: Stimulans

Melodic Power Metal

Rating: 86/100
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: February 7th 2006

Stimulans are from Split in Croatia and “No Words” are their second demo, the first one was released in 2004. Most of the members have played together in other bands before joining forces in Stimulans.

Despite their status as a demo band Stimulans have already played with number of well known bands, such as Blaze and Helloween. “No Words” contains only four tracks but they are all high quality melodic power metal somewhere between Iron Maiden and Jag Panzer.

“Sacrifice” and “Train” are both held in the mid-tempo range but they are very heavy at times. “Dust the Road” are more in your face power metal. The last song “No Words” is my favorite it’s very melodic, and really shows off their ability to write great songs.

If you are a fan of the above mentioned kind of heavy metal, then you should check out the Stimulans website.  

Recommended tracks: “Sacrifice” & “No Words”.