Rating: 99/100

Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev, October '05
Label - Underground Symphony
Style - Epic Metal

The Age of the Return

This is the second release from Martiria the first one was called “The Eternal Soul” and it was released in 2004. “The Age of the Return” is without a doubt the best epic metal album since Warlords “And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun”, and just as impressive is the fact that the lead singer from Martiria is none other than Rick Anderson aka Damien King III, former lead singer in Warlord.

“The Age of the Return” is a perfect album, but of course some songs stands out like “Misunderstandings”, “Exodus” & “Hell is not Burning”, but above them all stands the excellent “The Cross” an almost nine minutes epic journey with great choirs, great vocals - Yeah you name it everything is fucking awesome.

The lyrics on “The Age of the Return” are based on the bible, and it fits the music perfectly. A special credit must go out to Andy Menario, the man who wrote and produced this masterpiece. 

The CD comes in a digipack with a great artwork.

So if you are into epic metal and have missed the likes of Warlord & Lordian Guard, there is only one thing to do BUY.

Recommended tracks: ALL.